Groups committing genocide often behave in similar ways.


(1) to reduce the ability of the target group to resist

(2) to minimize the risk to the perpetuators

(3) to minimize the cost to the perpetuators

(4) to hide any evidence




initially target educated people (teachers, healthcare workers, politicians, lawyers, religious leaders, etc)

to remove anyone who might organize and lead the target population

separate adolescent and adult males from their families

to prevent revolts by men seeing attacks on their family members

isolate the target group into segregated areas

to palce the target population in isolated, high density groups makes it easier

dehumanize and starve the target group

to weaken the ability to resist

terrorize the target group or anyone who objects

to use arson, rape, harassments, torture and murder to remove opposition

find willing executioners and bureaucrats

may enlist a group opposed to the target population to collaborate

control the media and spread disinformation

to make sure that no one knows what is going on

remove any trace of culture, identity or past of the target population

to destroy the history as well as the people

eliminate perpetrators who know too much and who may be unreliable



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