Sometimes patients with migraine do not have "classic" findings. One variant is cluster migraine.


Clinical features of a cluster migraine:

(1) The headache typically occurs in an adult from 30 to 50 years of age.

(2) Most patients do not have a previous history of headache.

(3) Most patients are male.

(4) The headache is unilateral, typically in the oculotemporal region.

(5) The headache may be described as burning, excruciating, sharp and/or deep.

(6) A headache starts and stops abruptly, lasting less than 2 hours.

(7) Multiple headache episodes may occur within a 24 hour period.

(8) The headache may occur at night.

(9) A patient with a cluster migraines is restless and paces (rather than lying down in a dark, quiet room).

(10) The headache may be accompanied by ipsilateral autonomic phenomena such as lacrimation, conjunctival injection, sweating or rhinorrhea.


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