The signs and symptoms of hypopituitarism differ in children depends on the severity of the pituitary involvement.


Endrocrine axes that may be affected:

(1) corticotropin

(2) thyrotropin

(3) growth hormone

(4) gonadotropin

(5) vasopressin


Features of corticotropin deficiency (adrenocortical insufficiency0:

(1) growth retardation

(2) fatigue, tiredness and weakness

(3) dizziness

(4) nausea and vomiting

(5) anorexia and weight loss

(6) pallor

(7) hypoglycemia

(8) circulatory collapse


Features of thyrotropin deficiency (hypothyroidism):

(1) decreased sweating

(2) coarse, dry skin

(3) cold intolerance

(4) constipation

(5) hoarseness

(6) decreased hearing

(7) slow movements

(8) decreased deep tendon reflexes

(9) paresthesias

(10) bradycardia


Features of growth hormone deficiency:

(1) growth retardation


Features of gonadotropin deficiency:

(1) delayed puberty


Features of vasopressin deficiency (diabetes insipidus):

(1) large volumes of urine with a low osmolality


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