A number of clinical findings may develop following the use of a tourniquet that may be due to tourniquet complications. The significance of the findings may go unrecognized or else may be ascribed to the preceding trauma or surgery.


Neuromuscular complications due to compression and/or ischemia-reperfusion injury:

(1) unexplained postoperative weakness

(2) limb stiffness

(3) limb swelling and/or edema

(4) dysesthesia (sensory) or nerve palsy

(5) pain

(6) delayed recovery in limb function


Neuromuscular findings may persist for weeks or months following the use of the tourniquet.



(1) limb swelling

(2) pulmonary embolism

(3) limb hypoxia (with arterial thrombosis)



(1) increased incidence of superficial surgical site infection


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