Sharma et al described cliniceal features of primary acquired gastric outlet obstruction (GOO) in children. While first reported in India it has now been reported from various locations around the world. The authors are from Dr SN Medical College in Jodhpur, India.


Findings in a patient with primary acquired gastric outlet obstruction:

(1) The onset may be from shortly after birth to late adolescence.

(2) Most patients are male.

(3) The patient presents with any combination of:

(3a) bilious vomiting

(3b) dehydration

(3c) electrolyte abnormalities

(3d) failure to thrive

(4) The patient’s stomach is dilated with delayed gastric emptying but apparently normal peristalsis.

(5) Exclusion of other cause of GOO:

(5a) no evidence of extrinsic compression

(5b) no structural cause for obstruction

(5c) no history of a preceding event

(5d) normal biopsies with no evidence of fibrosis, inflammation, etc

(6) Positive clinical response to pyloroplasty (Heineke-Mikulicz)


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