A patient with hypercalcemia may present with a number of signs and symptoms.


Factors affecting the clinical presentation:

(1) cause and severity

(2) onset and duration


Signs and symptoms

(1) fatigue and tiredness

(2) malaise

(3) weakness, often proximal

(4) bone pain

(5) apathy, inability to concentration, lethargy, confusion or coma

(6) depression

(7) drowsiness

(8) anorexia

(9) nausea and vomiting

(10) peptic ulceration

(11) pancreatitis

(12) constipation

(13) polyuria with urinary frequency, dehydration and thirst (nephrogenic diabetes insipidus)

(14) renal colic associated with renal stones

(15) renal failure secondary to nephrocalcinosis


The patient may have signs and symptoms related to cardiac arrhythmias (bradycardia, first degree A-V block, etc).


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