Occlusion of the infrarenal aorta and iliac arteries may present with a number of clinical findings termed Leriche's Syndrome.


Common clinical findings:

(1) claudication and exercise-related pain affecting one or more of the following sites:

(1a) hips or buttocks

(1b) proximal thigh

(1c) calf

(2) impotence in a male

(3) decreased or absent femoral arterial pulses


The findings may be unilateral or bilateral.


Additional findings that may occur:

(1) painless paraplegia

(2) necrotizing fasciitis

(3) arterial bruits

(4) pallor on elevation of lower extremities and rubor on dependency

(5) atrophic skin over the lower legs and feet

(6) ischemic ulceration and/or gangrene


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