Hematocolpometra may range from mild to severe, depending on the extent of the obstruction and the level of uterine bleeding.


Clinical findings that may occur in a woman with hematocolpometra

(1) absence of menstrual cycles (some patients may menstruate)

(2) lower abdominal pain, which may mimic appendicitis

(3) back pain

(4) urinary tract obstruction with distention of the urinary bladder

(5) constipation

(6) palpable lower abdominal or pelvic mass on physical examination

(7) imperforate hymen, vaginal malformation or vaginal stenosis on physical examination


Laboratory findings:

(1) elevated serum CA125

(2) elevated serum CA19-9


Imaging findings:

(1) distention of the vagina and uterus (on rectal sonography or lower abdominal CT)


In hematocolpometra relief of the cause of the obstruction will result in release of old and new blood.


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