A patient who wears contact lenses may develop a number of clinical findings associated with the development of a corneal infiltrative event (CIE, or keratitis).


A Corneal Infiltrative Event (CIE) is a defined as a condition associated with inflammatory cell aggregates in the cornea, irrespective to the cause. This encompasses both microbial and sterile keratitis.


Ocular findngs in a patient with a CIE:

(1) soreness, discomfort, or pain

(2) redness

(3) tearing (lacrimation)

(4) photophobia

(5) discharge, which may be watery, thick or purulent

(6) reduced vision


Common responses by contact lens wearers include:

(1) removal of the contact lens

(2) consulting with an eye professional

(3) applying eye drops

(4) bathing the eye


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