Uterine fibroids may be asymptomatic, but often they cause a spectrum of problems for an affected woman.


Clinical findings:

(1) menorrhagia or dysmenorrhea

(2) abnormal uterine bleeding, which sometimes may be severe (hypermenorrhea)

(3) pelvic pain or pressure or aching

(4) infertility (associated with distortion of passage from the fallopian tubes to the endometrial cavity)

(5) pregnancy complications (miscarriage, placental abruption, pain, premature labor)

(6) urinary urgency, frequency and/or nocturia secondary to pressure on the urinary bladder

(7) constipation due to pressure on the rectum

(8) back pain and/or pressure on the sacral plexus

(9) dyspareunia


Secondary findings:

(1) iron deficiency anemia, which may be associated with fatigue

(2) secondary polycythemia

(3) disability


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