A number of clinical findings may be encountered in a person with nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsy (NFLE).

Clinical findings:

(1) The age of onset is variable (any age).

(2) Some patients have a family history of NFLE.

(3) It tends to occur anytime during the night.

(4) It tends to occur during N2 sleep.

(5) There is a risk for injury or violence.

(6) The person does not respond to external stimulation.

(7) There is strong autonomic activation.

(8) The person remains prone or supine and does get out of bed.

(9) Movements are highly stereotyped with abnormal posturing.

(10) The eyes may be open or closed during an event.

(11) The person is usually fully oriented if wakened (not confused).

(12) The person often has no recall for an event.

(13) There usually are no particular triggers or risk factors.

(14) A few patients may show epileptiform changes on polysomnography.

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