A number of clinical findings may be present in a patient with mandibular fracture, depending on the number and the location of fracture(s).


General appearance:

(1) unable to completely open or close the jaw

(2) asymmetry of the lower face

(3) deviation of the mandibular opening (seen with unilateral condylar fracture)


Bleeding and soft tissue findings:

(1) ecchymosis in the floor of the mouth

(2) soft tissue lacerations

(3) crepitus

(4) subcutaneous emphysema over jaw


Dental findings:

(1) malocclusion

(2) open bite or "gagged bite" (With bilateral condylar fractures the patient is unable to put the front teeth together because the posterior molars hit first.)


Neurologic findings:

(1) anesthesia of the lower lip or chin

(2) pain in mandible or adjacent soft tissue


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