A patient with ischemic gastropathy may present with gastritis and/or gastroparesis. The clinical signs and symptoms often will reversible if a revascularization procedure can be performed.


Clinical findings in ischemic gastritis:

(1) pain

(2) bleeding

(3) nausea and vomiting


Clinical findings in ischemic gastroparesis:

(1) chronic nausea and vomiting

(2) early satiety

(3) weight loss


Evidence of severe atherosclerosis in intra-abdominal arteries:

(1) abdominal bruit

(2) occlusion of arteries in abdominal arteriograms

(3) signs of mesenteric ischemia and/or ischemic colitis


Additional findings in ischemic gastritis:

(1) absence of other diseases associated with gastritis (H. pylori, drugs, etc.)


Additional findings in ischemic gastroparesis:

(1) significantly decreased gastric emptying

(2) no evidence of gastric outlet obstruction

(3) gastric dysrhythmia on the electrogastrogram (EGG)

(4) absence of another disease associated with gastroparesis (diabetes, scleroderma, etc.)

(5) not being treated with drugs that reduce gastric motility


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