Uterine hemangioma is a rare condition that may present with a number of clinical findings.


Clinical findings associated with uterine hemangioma:

(1) menorrhagia and/or dysmenorrhea

(2) abdominal pain

(3) infertility

(4) complications during pregnancy

(5) post-partum hemorrhage and/or DIC


The diagnosis is usually not considered because it is uncommon. It can also be difficult to diagnose if the patient has a leiomyoma or other lesion that can explain the clinical findings.


Imaging studies can demonstrate the vascular nature of the lesion. This might include:

(1) pelvic angiography

(2) CT with contrast

(3) MRI with contrast


Differential diagnosis:

(1) adenomyosis

(2) adenomatoid tumor

(3) lymphangioma

(4) arteriovenous malformation

(5) angiosarcoma


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