A woman with the pelvic congestion syndrome may experience a number of clinical findings, often with a gradual onset. In many patients the symptoms are associated with markedly distended ovarian veins.


Clinical findings:

(1) chronic pelvic pain

(2) often multigravida

(3) vulvar varices

(4) fullness or distention of leg veins (varicose veins)

(5) urgency (bladder irritability)

(6) feeling of perineal "heaviness" or fullness

(7) retroversion of the uterus (prolapse) may occur

(8) absence of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), tumor, nerve compression or discrete anatomic cause


Symptoms of pain and fullness may worsen after prolonged standing.


Clinical findings often disappear or significantly decrease after menopause.


Correction of incompetent veins about the ovaries or other structures can relieve the symptoms.


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