The Excited Delirium Syndrome (ExDS) is associated with a number of clinical findings.


Cliniceal features of the excited delirium syndrome:

(1) delirium

(2) extremely violent, aggressive or belligerent

(3) hyperactive with constant or almost constant activity

(4) may yell and scream

(5) may destroy inanimate objects

(6) does not follow or oblivious to instruction given by police or anyone in authority

(7) continues to struggle even when restrained

(8) profuse sweating

(9) little if any clothing, even in cold weather

(10) makes unintelligible animals sounds (“keening”) or grunts

(11) extremely tolerant (impervious) to pain

(12) excessive or superhuman strength

(13) not fatigued after heavy exertions

(14) attracted to loud noises and bright lights

(15) may be delusional, paranoid or anxious


Physical findings:

(1) hyperthermia and hot to the touch

(2) tachycardia

(3) rapid breathing (tachypnea)


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