The Cubital Tunnel Syndrome involves compression of the ulnar nerve at the elbow, as the nerve runs through the cubital tunnel.


Clinical features:

(1) pain along the medial aspect of the elbow that is made worse with flexion

(2) paresthesias or numbness in the fingers supplied by the ulnar nerve

(3) weakness in the muscles innervated by the ulnar nerve

(4) tenderness over the cubital tunnel

(5) development of a clawlike hand


The ulnar nerve supplies:

(1) all of the fifth finger

(2) the medial half of the fourth finger along the palmar aspect

(3) all of the fourth finger on the dorsal aspect

(4) the medial half of the third finger on the dorsal aspect

(5) the hypothenar aspect of palm, and

(6) the medial half of the dorsum of the hand.


Electrodiagnosis shows a marked decrease or absence of nerve conduction at the elbow with normal conduction above.


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