Rupture of the amnion during pregnancy may be followed by the formation of constrictive bands formed from the amnion.


Possible causes:

(1) idiopathic

(2) trauma

(3) attempted abortion

(4) amniocentesis

(5) Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or other hereditary defect of collagen


Clinical features:

(1) oligohydramnios

(2) amniotic bands on the placenta

(3) constrictive bands involving the fingers, hands or extremities

(3a) deep grooves

(3b) amputation

(3c) pseudosyndactyly

(3d) tethering of a limb

(4) constrictive bands involving the umbilical cord

(5) decreased fetal movement (due to tethering and/or olighohydramnios)

(6) limb deformities (clubfoot)

(7) pulmonary hypoplasia (associated with oligohydramnios)


Differential diagnosis: limb-body wall complex


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