Deficiency of riboflavin (vitamin B2) results in a variety of clinical findings termed ariboflavinosis. Usually a deficiency in riboflavin is part of a mixed nutritional deficiency, so patients may show features of other vitamin deficiencies.


Oral disorders:

(1) cheilosis (fissures in the vermillion surface of the lips)

(2) stomatitis (oral mucosa)

(3) angular stomatitis

(5) glossitis, with swelling and the tongue a deep magenta (purple-red) color

(5) sore throat


Skin disorders:

(1) seborrheic dermatitis in face (nasolabial folds, ears, eyelids) and genital region (scrotum in male, labial majora in females)

(2) pruritis

(3) dyssebacea (sharkskin), associated with plugs of inspissated sebum


Ophthalmic disorders:

(1) corneal vascularization (rare in human deficiency)

(2) photophobia

(3) visual impairment

(4) burning sensation

(5) conjunctival injection


Hematological disorders:

(1) normochromic normocytic anemia with erythroid hypoplasia

(2) pancytopenia due to generalized marrow hypoplasia


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