Recurrent parotitis in children (RPC) is a recurrent inflammatory disorder of one or both parotid glands. It may represent different conditions presenting with a similar clinical pattern, or a mixed immune-infectious process.


Clinical features:

(1) It usually affects children prior to puberty, but may occur during adolescence and persist into adulthood.

(2) It usually affects both parotid glands but may occasionally be limited to one.

(3) The condition is chronic and recurrent, with swelling of the affected gland for several days followed by spontaneous remission.

(4) During an exacerbation saliva flow is decreased and the saliva contains mucous plugs.

(5) If purulent parotitis occurs then the patient will have a fever and pain over the parotid glands. Pus can be expressed from the parotid duct.


Imaging studies:

(1) Parotid sialography shows bilateral duct ectasia. Stensen's duct may be dilated.

(2) Ultrasonography shows hypoechoic areas.


Histologic examination is usually not performed. It shows chronic lymphoproliferation during the chronic phase.


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