Pediatric patients may develop a type of Menetrier's disease that differs from the syndrome seen in adults


Clinical features:

(1) periorbital and facial edema

(2) vomiting

(3) abdominal pain

(4) anorexia with weight loss

(5) upper GI bleeding

(6) transient hepatosplenomegaly


Laboratory findings:

(1) evidence of cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection

(2) eosinophilia

(3) transient atypical lymphocytosis

(4) hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia secondary to chronic protein loss

(5) elevated protein in gastric fluid

(6) hypochlorhydria (reflecting atrophy of glandular epithelium)


Pathologic findings:

(1) hyperplastic gastropathy affecting the body and greater curvature of the stomach

(2) hyperplastic gastropathy may involve the antrum (not seen in the adult form)

(3) biopsy shows foveolar hyperplasia with atrophy of the gastric glands and with cystic dilatation


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