Brogdon and Crow coined the term "little leaguer's elbow" to describe an injury sharing features with the "little leaguer's shoulder." The authors are from Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.


Pathology: avulsion of the ossification center of the medial epicondylar epiphysis of the humerus


Clinical features:

(1) pubertal pitchers (from 9 to 14 years of age)

(2) moderate to severe pain in the elbow of the arm used to pitch

(3) swelling of the elbow

(4) tenderness over the medial epicondyle

(5) limitation in elbow flexion


Risk factors:

(1) inexperienced

(2) poorly coordinated

(3) not warmed up

(4) pitching with a maximum effort


Findings on X-ray of the elbow:

(1) no radiographic change

(2) minimal separation

(3) separation with fragmentation of the ossification center

(4) joint dislocation

(5) soft tissue swelling


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