While acne primarily affects adolescents, it may also affect adults. There are several phenotypes, one of which is Comedonal Postadolescent Acne (CPAA).


Clinical features of CPAA:

(1) This tends to be a problem seen in women.

(2) Many of the affected patients smoke.

(3) The patient has comedones (retention lesions) that may range from micro to macro.

(4) The patient has few if any inflammatory lesions (papules, pustules, nodules).

(5) Cystic lesions may be present in severe disease.

(6) Lesions involve the face. Mild disease may be localized (forehead, malar region) while severe disease may be confluent.

(7) Scarring usually involves ice-pick scars but larger scars may be encountered in severe and persistent disease.


CPAA may be classified as persistent (continuation of adolescent acne) or late-onset.


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