Bousser and Ferro describe the clinical features of cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) in a neonate. The authors are from Hopital Lariboisiere in Paris and Hospital de Santa Maria in Lisbon.


Patient selection: neonate


Risk factors for cerebral venous thrombosis in a neonate:

(1) maternal hypertension or pre-eclampsia

(2) maternal diabetes mellitus (including gestational diabetes)

(3) dehydration

(4) sepsis or meningitis

(5) cardiac defect

(6) other acute illness


The presentation may be nonspecific and may include:

(1) seizures

(2) respiratory distress or apnea

(3) poor feeding with weight loss

(4) acidosis

(5) hypotonia

(6) lethargy


MRI of the brain can be helpful in making the diagnosis.


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