Acute hypervitaminosis A can occur after 1 or more high doses of vitamin A.


Risk factors:

(1) high dose of vitamin A (100,000 units of retinol or more)

(2) decreased serum retinol-binding protein (protein malnutrition, liver disease)


General findings:

(1) anorexia

(2) drowsiness

(3) irritability

(4) nausea and vomiting

(5) increased intracranial pressure with headache and papilledema, pseudotumor cerebri

(6) extensive skin desquamation, exfoliative dermatitis


Findings seen in infants:

(1) bulging fontanelle


Findings seen in adults:

(1) abdominal pain

(2) blurred vision (due to papilledema)

(3) muscle weakness

(4) peripheral neuritis


Laboratory findings:

(1) elevated serum vitamin A


Concurrent findings:

(1) hypervitaminosis D (if vitamin D present in vitamin preparation)


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