A partial seizure arising in the occipital lobe may have one or more signs or symptoms that may help localize the epileptic focus.


Initial signs and symptoms that suggest a partial seizure of occipital lobe origin:

(1) elementary visual hallucinations (flashing light, colored light, white light)

(2) partial (blurring, dimming, field cut) or complete ictal blindness

(3) sensation of pulling or moving in the eyes (without observable eye movement)

(4) head and eye deviation, typically contralateral (to side opposite side of origin)

(5) eyelid flutter or rapid forced blinking

(6) oculoclonic activity


Problems obscurring these findings:

(1) retrograde amnesia or postictal confusion

(2) sign or symptom may be overlooked (subtle, fleeting)

(3) masking by subsequent generalized seizure


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