Haley et al listed clinical criteria for vasospasm of a cerebral artery associated with subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). These can help to select patients for more specific testing. The authors are from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville.


Clinical features seen with vasospasm:

(1) The onset of symptoms between days 5 and 12 after the SAH

(2) Initial symptoms may include: low-grade fever, stiff neck, and/or worsening headache

(3) The patient may develop the insidious onset of confusion and/or a decline in the level of consciousness (decrease in Glasgow Coma Score of 2 or more points)

(4) The patient may show focal neurological deficits

(5) A head CT scan is negative for alternative explanations for the clinical findings.

(6) There is no other explanation for the clinical findings.



• Day 5 is presumably counted with the onset of SAH as Day 0.


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