A patient with Riedel’s thyroiditis (chronic sclerosing thyroiditis) may present with a number of clinical findings.


Local complaints secondary to compression:

(1) dyspnea with or without a feeling of suffocation

(2) dysphagia

(3) hoarseness

(4) aphonia

(5) painless neck pressure



(1) autoimmune disease


The physical exam shows a firm mass in the region of the thyroid gland that may be rock hard and which may not move freely during swallowing (anchored).


Laboratory findings:

(1) elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

(2) serum antithyroid antibodies



(1) hypothyroidism, less often hyperthyroidism

(2) hypoparathyroidism (with hypocalcemia)

(3) findings associated with IgG4 disease affecting other organs

(4) entrapment of the recurrent laryngeal or other nerves


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