Yuan et al classified acute donor reactions during the collection of multicomponent apheresis products. The authors are from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).


Severe donor reactions include:

(1) cardiopulmonary arrest

(2) becoming unresponsive or unconscious

(3) convulsion

(4) incontinence

(5) fainting while sitting or standing

(6) tetany

(7) wheezing

(8) edema of airway (larynx, tongue, other)

(9) any moderate reaction that lasts more than 5 minutes


Moderate reactions include:

(1) bradycardia

(2) hypo or hypertensive episode

(3) twitching

(4) vomiting

(5) difficulty breathing

(6) chest pain

(7) tingling or paresthesias if moderate or marked

(8) any mild reaction that lasts more than 15 minutes


Mild reactions include:

(1) pallor

(2) diaphoresis

(3) lightheadedness

(4) feeling warm

(5) nausea

(6) hyperventilation


Suggested modifications:

(1) fainting with injury would be classed as severe while fainting without injury would be moderate.

(2) adding mild tingling or paresthesias to mild reaction group

(3) distinguishing the really serious severe reactions (like cardiopulmonary arrest) from some of the other reactions.

(4) addition of tachycardia as a moderate reaction


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