There are many kinds of soup with many presentations.

Classes of soups:

(1) thick

(2) thin

(3) cold (vichyssoise, gazpacho, other)

(4) national or special soups


Thick soups include:

(1) cream

(2) veloute (velvety)

(3) puree

(4) chowder

(5) bisque


Thin soups include:

(1) passed or clear, concentrated = consomme, clarified or unclarified (ordinary)

(2) unpassed - broth (cullis)

(3) unpassed - boullion

(4) stock (simmering bone and vegetables)


Portion size:

(1) appetizer: 200-250 mL (6 to 8 ounces)

(2) main course: 300-350 (10 to 12 ounces)

(3) half-course (for example, bowl and a sandwich)


Temperature for serving:

(1) thick or thin, most national soups: hot

(2) cold: chilled (sometimes with bowl placed in ice)


Cold soups have a higher risk of food-borne pathogens

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