Sharma et al developed a classification of gastric outlet obstruction in children. The authors are from Dr SN Medical College in Jodhpur, India.


Classification of Sharma et al:

(1) congenital gastric outlet obstruction

(1a) aplasia

(1b) atresia

(1c) diaphragm or web

(1d) mucosal valve

(1e) heterotrophic pancreas

(1f) other cause of luminal obstruction

(2) infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis (IHPS)

(3) acquired gastric outlet obstruction

(3a) peptic ulcer disease (duodenal or juxtapyloric)

(3b) tumor or polyp

(3c) chemical injury with scarring

(3d) foreign body

(3e) other secondary process with luminal obstruction

(3f) idiopathic (primary acquired gastric outlet obstruction)


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