Poitevin et al reported a grading scheme for actinic cheilitis (AC, solar cheilosis). This can help to identify a patient who may require more aggressive management. The authors are from Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul and the University of Brazil.

Patient selection: chronic sun exposure with suspected actinic cheilitis (AC)


Clinical Findings

Grade of AC

dryness and desquamation of vermilion of lips


atrophy on the vermilion border; may appear mottled or show eruptions; line demarcating border of vermilion surface with skin may be blurred or show a dark line


rough, squamous areas on the drier parts of the vermilion; hyperkeratotic areas; hyperkeratosis on the lingual aspect of the lips


ulceration; leukoplakia



Reasons to suspect malignancy - Grade IV and one or more of the following:

(1) history of smoking (pipe, cigarette, etc)

(2) persistent area of induration on palpation

(3) nonhealing and enlarging ulcer

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