Morgenstern classified nonparasitic splenic cysts based on pathogenesis. The author is from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and UCLA School of Medicine in Los Angeles.






neoplastic, benign endothelial

lymphangioma, hemangioma

neoplastic, primary malignant


neoplastic, metastatic



resolution of hematoma


resolution of splenic infarct



• The typical parasitic cyst is echinococcosis.


Congenital cysts often have a characteristic gross appearance with interior trabeculations. The lining of a congenital cyst may include:

(1) mesothelium

(2) transitional epithelium

(3) squamous epithelium

(4) no cellular lining


Not all splenic cysts the lack a cellular lining are post-traumatic pseudocysts. Splenic cysts should be carefully sampled for histologic examination. The cellular lining of a congenital cyst may be present in some sections but absent in others.


Features of a traumatic cyst:

(1) otherwise normal splenic architecture

(2) documented episode of splenic trauma

(3) appearance of cyst following the traumatic episode


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