Jaber et al listed complications that may occur shortly after a patient has been intubated in the intensive care unit (ICU). The authors are from multiple university hospitals in France.


Immediate complications are those occurring within 30 minutes of the intubation.


Severe or life-threatening complications:

(1) shock with severe hemodynamic collapse (systolic blood pressure < 65 mm Hg at any time, OR systolic blood pressure < 90 mm Hg for > 30 minutes despite resuscitation)

(2) severe hypoxemia

(3) cardiac arrest

(4) sudden death


Mild to moderate complications:

(1) difficult intubation

(2) cardiac arrhythmia

(3) esophageal intubation (with early recognition and correction)

(4) agitation

(5) aspiration

(6) dental injury


NOTE: Risk factors for complications reported by the same authors are given in 31.05.07.


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