Heddle et al reported a simplified classification for acute reactions to platelet transfusions (ARP). The authors are from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.


Types of reactions:

(1) asymptomatic with fever only

(2) symptomatic

(2a) inflammatory (chills, rigors, feeling cold)

(2b) allergic (cutaneous reaction with urticaria, pruritis, flushing, erythema, etc)

(2c) other (respiratory, cardiovascular, and/or gastrointestinal signs and symptoms with inflammatory and/or cutaneous manifestations).

(2d) mixed



• Fever was defined bas an increase in temperature >= 1°C.

• The "other" category is defined as including TRALI, transfusion-related sepsis and anaphylaxis.

• It is a little unclear why anaphylaxis is not allergic and sepsis is not inflammatory.

• The definition of "other reaction" on page 558 of Heddle 2002 (accompanied by inflammatory and/or cutaneous manifestations") implies a mixed reaction.



• The kappa analysis for interobserver reliability was good at 0.84. The kappa was 0.74 for agreement in the initial adjucation process.


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