Damato and Coupland reported a classification system for melanocytic conjunctival lesions. The authors are from Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the University of Liverpool.

Diagnostic groups:

(1) melanosis

(2) conjunctival nevus

(3) conjunctival melanocytic neoplasia



(1) freckle

(2) racial

(3) secondary to systemic disease

(4) secondary to ocular disease


Conjunctival nevus:

(1) junctional

(2) compound

(3) subepithelial

(4) Spitz

(5) blue


Conjunctival melanocytic neoplasia:

(1) conjunctival melanocytic intraepithelial neoplasia (C-MIN) with or without atypia

(2) conjunctival melanoma in situ

(3) invasive conjunctival melanoma

(4) secondary (metastatic from skin, uveal melanoma)

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