Colleges and universities may be classified based on a number of parameters.

Selection: institution of higher education



(1) number of years for the undergraduate degree program

(2) types of degree granted

(3) number of students in the undergraduate student body (all years combined)

(4) focus


Undergraduate degree programs may be 2-year associate or 4-year baccalaureate.


A college is an institution that focuses on undergraduate degrees while a university offers graduate degrees.


Types of degrees:

(1) associate

(2) baccalaureate

(3) master

(4) doctoral


The definition based on size of the student body varies.


Number of Students

Designation (4 Year)

< 1,000

very small

1,000 to 2,999


3,000 to 9,999


>= 10,000




(1) liberal arts

(2) science

(3) research

(4) artistic (music, theater, etc)

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