High-visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is intended to improve visibility of the wearer. It is required as personal protective equipment (PPE) for many workers.

Synonym: hi-viz


Visibility features:

(1) bright color

(2) reflective material

(3) retro-reflective tape (contains miniature glass beads that reflect and focus light at night)


The ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standards recognize types of use:

(1) Type O: off-road use (not exposed to traffic)

(2) Type R: roadway use

(3) Type P: public safety (law enforcement, emergency or incident responder)


ANSI 107 Classes: I to III


Class I

Low risk environment with separation from vehicles and non-complex background.

Traffic up to 25 mph.

Simple vest.


Class II

Intermediate risk environment with visibility in poor weather conditions.

Traffic exceeding 25 mph.

Between simple vest and full coverage.


Class III

High risk environment requiring maximum visibility in all conditions.

Traffic exceeding 50 mph.

Covers torso and extremities.



FR indicates flame retardant

Additional standards must be met for electrical workers, fire fighters and other groups.

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