Cladding is a surface treatment that involves installation of sheet of surface material over an underlying structure. It is primarily used on the exterior of buildings but can also be used for internal surfaces.


(1) improve appearance, decorative

(2) insulation

(3) weather resistance


Materials used for cladding may include:

(1) wood or timber

(2) organic (straw fiber)

(3) stone

(4) brick

(5) cement

(6) metal

(7) fiber cement

(8) vinyl, polystyrene or plastic

(9) weatherboard

(10) composite


Older cladding material may include asbestos.


Materials may be:

(1) flammable

(2) nonflammable

(3) flame resistant


During an earthquake cladding materials can be a missile hazard if they become detached from the underlying structure.

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