The Adjuvant Cardiac Review and Evaluation Committee (ACREC) reported criteria for the diagnosis of symptomatic heart failure associated with adjuvant chemotherapy.



(1) clinical symptoms

(2) objective findings on the physical examination

(3) supportive evidence


Symptoms include:

(1) dyspnea

(2) orthopnea

(3) pedal edema


Objective findings:

(1) elevated jugular venous pressure (JVP)

(2) sinus tachycardia

(3) tachypnea

(4) S3 heart sound

(5) lung crackles


Supportive evidence:

(1) drop in LVEF by >= 10%

(2) absolute ejection fraction < 50% by MUGA or echocardiogram

(3) pulmonary edema and/or increased vascular markings on chest X-ray


The presence of all 3 parameters was required to diagnose subjective heart failure.


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