Boynton and Greenhalgh developed a checklist for evaluating a questionnaire prior to release. This can help identify problems that may interfere with the study. The authors are from University College London.


NOTE: The wording of the items has been slightly modified from the original text.


Sections (with 26 questions):

(1) title (3 questions, numbers 1-3)

(2) introductory material (information sheet or cover letter) (6 questions, numbers 4-9)

(3) overall layout of the questionnaire (4 questions, numbers 10-13)

(4) demographic information (4 questions, numbers 14-17)

(5) body of the questionnaire (5 questions, numbers 18-22)

(6) closing comments (2 questions, numbers 23-24)

(7) accompanying materials (2 questions, numbers 25-26)


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