Charcot foot (diabetic neuroarthropathy) refers to degenerative osteoarthropathy that may affect one or both feet of a diabetic. It is a result of recurrent trauma that goes unrecognized after a peripheral neuropathy develops.


Clinical findings:

(1) recurrent trauma to the feet which goes unrecognized

(2) decrease in proprioceptive and nociceptive function

(3) swelling of the feet

(4) erythema without signs of infection (absence of fever and leukocytosis)

(5) eventual deformity and impairment


Radiographic findings in one or both feet:

(1) routine X-rays may initially appear normal

(2) joint erosions

(3) demineralization of bones

(4) devitalization of bones which may resemble osteomyelitis

(5) "bag of bones" when advanced


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