Urine may be colored yellow to green for a number of reasons.

Yellow coloration of the urine normally occurs because of excretion of urochrome. This color may be more intense with:

(1) starvation

(2) thyrotoxicosis (increased metabolic rate)

(3) fever (increased metabolic rate)


Additional causes of a yellow color:

(1) riboflavin

(2) infusion of fluorescein sodium

(3) mepacrine


Causes of a yellow-green color:

(1) ingestion of foods rich in carotenes

(2) methylene blue


Causes of a green urine:

(1) amitriptyline

(2) biliverdin

(3) methocarbamol

(4) conversion of a blue colored compound to green by urochrome

(5) chlorophyll

(6) propofol


Causes of a yellow-brown color:

(1) aminosalicylic acid

(2) bilirubin

(3) bismuth

(4) mercury

(5) sulfonamides

(6) nitrofurantoin

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