A number of eye injuries can occur during surgery, ranging from minor to serious. Protection of the eyes must be a constant concern before, during and after surgery.


Causes of eye injuries in the perioperative period may include:

(1) direct corneal abrasion during induction or repositioning

(2) corneal injury during surgery associated with failure to secure the eyelids

(3) allergic conjunctivitis to eye ointment

(4) chemical injury from preservative in eye ointment

(5) perioperative optic neuropathy

(6) direct trauma during ophthalmic surgery

(7) trauma associated with patient movement, especially during eye surgery

(8) burn associated with flammable petrolatum ointments

(9) chemical burn from spillage of prep or cleaning solution onto the eye

(10) problems during retrobulbar block

(11) increased intraocular pressure

(12) direct pressure on the globe (from anesthetic mask, from prone positioning)


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