Wilson listed various reasons that a patient with an indwelling urinary catheter may experience pain. The author is from Westwood Hospital in England.


Causes of pain associated with an indwelling urinary catheter:

(1) trauma during insertion

(2) failure to use or failure of an anesthetic gel during insertion

(3) paraphimosis

(4) pressure on the urethra exerted by an oversized catheter

(5) traction by the drainage bag

(6) allergy or other reaction to the catheter material

(7) urinary bladder spasm

(8) encrustation by calcified deposits

(9) anger, fear or other negative attitude towards the catheter

(10) urethral sensitivity in a post-menopausal woman


Other conditions not mentioned:

(1) interstitial cystitis

(2) prostatitis

(3) infection or inflammation associated with the catheter


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