Chyloptysis may occur with a variety of disorder affecting lymphatic channels in the thorax.


Conditions associated with chyloptysis:

(1) lymphangioleiomyomatosis

(2) lymphangiomatosis (with or without tuberous sclerosis complex)

(3) intra-thoracic lymphangioma (mediastinal, other)

(4) Behcet’s disease

(5) primary (congenital) pulmonary lymphangiectasis

(6) secondary pulmonary lymphangiectasis (after cardiac surgery, trauma, radiation or venous obstruction)

(7) primary chylothorax

(8) yellow nail syndrome (associated with lymphatic dysplasia)


If the thoracic duct is blocked (due to trauma, infection, tumor, etc) intrathoracic lymphatics may become distended. These lie in close proximity to bronchi and may rupture into the lung once pressures become high enough.


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