Chorea may be caused by a wide range of conditions.

Miscellaneous causes:

(1) infectious

(2) autoimmune

(3) vascular

(4) tumor

(5) trauma

(6) developmental

(7) orofacial dyskinesias

(8) senile (which may be multifactorial)


Infections associated with chorea:

(1) Sydenham's chorea (acute rheumatic fever)

(2) encephalitis lethargica

(3) Creutzfeldt Jakob disease

(4) post-infectious encephalitis


Autoimmune conditions which can cause chorea include:

(1) SLE, especially with antiphospholipid antibodies or lupus anticoagulant

(2) Henoch-Schonlein purpura

(3) sarcoidsosis

(4) multiple sclerosis

(5) Behcet's disease

(6) polyarteritis nodosa


Vascular conditions that can cause chorea

(1) cerebral infarction

(2) hemorrhagic stroke

(3) arteriovenous malformation

(4) moyamoya disease

(5) polycythemia rubra vera

(6) migraine

(7) subdural hematoma


Developmental conditions that can cause chorea

(1) physiological chorea of infancy

(2) cerebral palsy

(3) minimal cerebral dysfunction

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