Cerebral palsy is a group of permanent conditions affecting movement and posture. Other afflictions may be present, depending on the cause.

Causes of cerebral palsy:

(1) periventricular leukomalacia associated with prematurity

(2) intracerebral hemorrhage

(3) hydrocephalus

(4) hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy

(5) infection

(6) brain malformation

(7) perinatal stroke

(8) chromosomal defects (17p13.3, 20p13, 1p36, 3p22.1, microduplication 1q32.1)

(9) kernicterus


Triggering events may include:

(1) premature birth

(2) multiple birth

(3) in vitro fertilization or in vitro fertilization

(4) umbilical cord entanglements

(5) twin-twin transfusion

(6) cardiac arrest

(7) malformations

(8) intrauterine distress

(9) pre-eclampsia or eclampsia


About 10% of affected infants will have a negative history with normal conception, pregnancy and delivery.

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