Increased separation of the incisors (anterior diastema) can occur for a number of reasons. Identifying the cause is important in considering a solution.


Hereditary casues:

(1) racial trait

(2) familial trait


Abnormalities in the number, shape and size of teeth, including:

(1) supernumary teeth

(2) pathologic dental migration or eruption

(3) accentuated overbite

(4) tooth loss

(5) transition from deciduous to permanent dentition

(6) dento-alveolar discrepancies


Abnormalities of maxilla:

(1) rapid expansion of the maxilla

(2) defects in the intermaxillary suture

(3) cleft palate

(4) anterior cyst



(1) tongue and/or lip habits

(2) physical obstacle

(3) regular deleterious behavior (parafunction)

(4) enlarged labial frenulum (frenum)

(5) iatrogenic


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