Ichthyosis may be hereditary or acquired. Acquired ichthyosis can be causes by a range of conditions.

Ichthyosis is a thickened, dry, scaling of the skin that is typically symmetrical.


Conditions associated with acquired ichthyosis:

(1) paraneoplastic ichthyosis

(2) endocrine disorders (diabetes mellitus; hypothyroidism; autoimmune thyroiditis)

(3) drugs (clofazimine; statins; allopurinol; acitretin; EGFR inhibitors; BRAF inhibitors)

(4) nutritional deficiencies

(5) chronic renal disease

(6) chronic liver disease

(7) immune disorders (SLE; Crohn's disease; celiac disease; sarcoidosis)

(8) infections (tuberculosis; AIDS)


Some patients may have overlapping causes.


Correction of the underlying will often result in regression of the ichthyosis.

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